Pace nation program 0$ down , No Payment for Up to 17 Months 100% financing

PACE covers 100%

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
PACE was conceived as a way for homeowners to finance energy efficiency and storm hardening upgrades with no minimum credit score required and no money down. Property owners who agree to the program terms for financing, repay through a non-ad valorem special assessment added to their property tax bill.

Through the PACE program, property owners can fund permanent home improvements which include most products affixed to a property and reduce on-site electric usage, assist in hurricane protection, and/or produce onsite renewable electricity. These range from rooftop solar systems, impact doors and windows, hurricane-resistant roofing, energy-efficient air conditioning systems, hot water heaters, solar pool heating, low-flow plumbing systems, insulated siding and awnings.

  • 100% Financing No Money Down
  • No Payment for Up to 17 Months
  • Approval is Based on Primarily on Property Equity
  • Fixed Rates, Flexible Terms Up to 30 Years
  • No Minimum Credit Score Required
  • Get Approved In 30 Min or Less

PACE assessment is tied to the property not on the individual. Under Florida law, Ygrene financing is repaid with property taxes which legally transfers with the property. However, some mortgage lenders often do require full payoff of PACE financing upon sale or refinance. Failure to pay the PACE assessment is treated the same as nonpayment of taxes.

PACE covers 100% of the costs of installing new solar panels or efficiency upgrades on your home.

PACE assessment covers all fees and labor costs associated with the project and bundles the cost into one line on our property tax bill.

PACE typically allows finance terms up to 20 years, longer than many other sources of funding.

This long-term financing enables projects with long paybacks, not just low-hanging fruit. Long terms mean the annual PACE repayment can be less than the amount being saved on annual utilities on the project, so you may see an immediate increase in cash-in-pocket from day one.