Additional Testimonials

“The Green Solutions team is AMAZING!! The contractor made me & my wife feel comfortable with their knowledge about solar energy! It’s reliable and money saving!“
Alex S.

“Green Solutions does a very good presentation about their company and about the P.A.C.E Program! Green Solutions is a great company to start remodeling your home with financing and I’m a very happy customer!!! “
Greg B.

“Green Solutions gave me a great price offer on the system I purchased from them. They took care of all the necessary paperwork for the installation ( I didn’t have to do a thing except sign my name). The work went to completion quickly and I am now generating enough solar power to actually cover the cost of the system. I would happily recommend Green Solutions who wants to save money!”
John D.

“I wanted to say I had excellent service from Green Solutions. I had several companies come to my house to give me bids. They all give a sales speech but Green Solutions explained everything in a simple and straight forward manner. Green Solutions customized a system to my liking. Another point on their customer service is their patience. I had tons of questions; I mean It took me months of Q & A with my contractor. Green Solutions beat all of the other competitors by far”
Ronnie Z.

“Thank you Green Solutions! Our solar panels survived Hurricane Irma without a scratch! So very impressed with the quality of the panels and workmanship of your installers. They know what they’re doing for sure!!! We felt they had our best interests in mind through engineering, permitting and installation.”
Yani D.

“Green Solutions did an awesome job getting us acquainted with solar and answering all our questions before installation. Once installed, they’ve been sending me automated emails every month telling me how much the system has saved us. Our saving for May was $205.”
David A.

“The crew arrived when I was told they would arrive, and they were fast, efficient, and replaced our roof with a better roof than I had on the home prior to the storm. We are now also saving money on our FPL bill!”
Adam T.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation for Green Solutions and the PACE program. It was nice to start renovations with a company that is professional, readily available to answer all my questions and concerns.”
Michael J.

“Green Solutions were very cooperative, transparent and have always responded with professionalism & promptness as and when any query was raised. I felt comfortable working with them and recommended them and the PACE program to my neighbors.”
Christine A.

“My partner and I appreciated the way GSS were fast, efficient, and incredibly knowledgeable about all the aspects of the project. We could not be happier with our new upgrades, which included new impact patio doors, hurricane impact windows and an energy efficient a.c system. Our only regret is not having this done sooner!”
Anthony G.

“After Hurricane Irma, I convinced my husband to put in impact windows and doors. Thanks to the PACE program we don’t even have to put anything down for almost two years! The GSS company arranged for everything to be fitted and installed – Within a few weeks we had what looked like a new house! The GSS team was very professional. They handled all the city permits and we had no issues. The workers were very nice, polite and professional.”
Patricia C.